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  • Submit Pitch for Get Rad Be Radical
    Submit your pitch by Tuesday, August 17th at 9pm PST / 12 EST. SUPPORTED BY Thank you to the generous sponsors for making issue 02 of the publication possible.
  • RAR Gravel Team Camp 2021 Recap
    WORDS BY EFFIE BOURGIN ~ PHOTOS BY RAR GRAVEL TEAM On the second weekend of June 2021, sixteen months after our team formed in the Arizona desert, the RAR Gravel Team was finally able to gather in person. Finally, after hundreds of hours of zoom calls, thousands of slack, and text messages, we could bask in the glow of togetherness. Our team gathered… Continue reading RAR Gravel Team Camp 2021 Recap
  • SJ Brooks Scholarship GoFundMe Launches
    We’re asking the cycling and outdoors community to help raise $23k to provide twenty SJ Brooks Scholarships for 2021! THE WHY Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, trans, and women riders have a deep connection to the earth. However, due to systemic racism and other injustices, many are not accessing the much-needed medicine of being outdoors. Unfortunately, these injustices and inequalities have persisted… Continue reading SJ Brooks Scholarship GoFundMe Launches
  • RAR ATL 36 Hours in Kitsbow – Finding Joy in Atlanta, GA
    36 Hours in Kitsbow is a unique grassroots short film series highlighting stories of cycling adventure — especially stories that reunite all of us with our community, propel us into the unknown, and begin a journey from our doorstep. Kitsbow’s 2021 premiere film features a reunion of friends from the Radical Adventure Riders, Atlanta Chapter; whose regular outings were halted abruptly during 2020. Now… Continue reading RAR ATL 36 Hours in Kitsbow – Finding Joy in Atlanta, GA
  • RAR Jobs Board Launches!
    The RAR Jobs Board is a job listing to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the cycling and outdoors industries.  With companies in the cycling and outdoors industries committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives like the Cycling Industry Pledge, RAR found that there was still a lack of employee diversity. The RAR Jobs Board hopes to lessen this gap by… Continue reading RAR Jobs Board Launches!
  • Industry Support for SJ Brooks Scholarship
    **We understand that donating might not be possible for everyone right now. If you can spread the word about this fundraiser within your circles, we would greatly appreciate it. Supported by Thank you to the generous companies for supporting the SJ Brooks Scholarship with gear and funding. If your company would like to get involved, please email us at radicaladventureriders@gmail.com. GOLD PRIMARY SUPPORTERS… Continue reading Industry Support for SJ Brooks Scholarship
  • RAR Chapter Selections
    RAR Chapter Listing Follow Chapters to stay up to date on happenings in your area!
  • RAR Artist Fund Raffle
    Get a RAR raffle sticker to raise money for a RAR Artist Fund and for a chance to win prize packages from our friends Ron’s Bikes, Casa Verde, and Crust Bikes! 
  • Asian-Owned Cycling Businesses
    To celebrate AAPI-month, we created a list of Asian-owned cycling businesses. Support, follow, and share this post to uplift the Asian cycling community! This is not a comprehensive list by any means, so please add Asian-owned cycling businesses that should be recognized in the comments. We also want to recognize that many bicycle frames, components, and parts are made in Asia. We are… Continue reading Asian-Owned Cycling Businesses
  • What’s in My Bag
    As the weather gets warmer and the days are longer, now’s the time to get your bikepacking setups dialed.  Olivia (she/they) from WTF Bikexplorers Atlanta created a handy ‘What’s in My Bag’ setup list to give you ideas on what to bring and how to organize your items. Olivia’s mantra is, “I am complete but I am not finished.” 💁🏾‍♀️  Take a look… Continue reading What’s in My Bag
  • RAR Chapters Launches
    We are excited to expand our programming and support RAR Chapters throughout the U.S.! Six Chapters will receive funding, training, and support to carry out RAR’s mission. Apply by May 10th! RAR seeks to expand and sustain its programming by enhancing, building, and supporting Chapters that will locally carry out its mission. RAR will work with its local Chapters to create hyper-local networks… Continue reading RAR Chapters Launches
  • BIPOC & FTWN-B Cycling Grants
    Sharing and boosting BIPOC & FTWN-B cycling grants! We compiled a list of community grant opportunities for Spring/Summer 2021 specifically for BIPOC and FTWN-B folx.  See more info below and keep an eye out for the approaching deadlines:
  • Cycling Industry Pledge Enrollment Open
    Cycling Industry Pledge enrollment is now open until Friday, April 30th! In 2020, there were 249 companies that committed to the Cycling Industry Pledge. RAR is now looking to you in building a more resilient cycling industry for 2021.  The Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) works to hold companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community with signees making a… Continue reading Cycling Industry Pledge Enrollment Open
  • Bring on Spring Ride Series
    Now that Spring is here, the team would love to challenge Gravel Squad members to connect and ride together over two weekends: April 16-18th & April 23rd-25th. Riding solo or gathering a small group together.  Enter to win raffle prizes by playing RAR Bingo while you ride! Share photos of your completed row of activities from the RAR Bingo card! Use #bringonspring2021 on… Continue reading Bring on Spring Ride Series
  • Within & Without Launches
    First episode of Within & Without Podcast is out now! Tune in for Radical Roots and Responsibilities! Listen to the stories behind RAR and RAHOK and meet your co-hosts Rio Oxas and Everett Ó Cillín. This episode highlights voices from past WTF BX summits and speakers as they share their experiences and insights in the light of our present moment. Featuring interviews with Grace Anderson, Devin Cowens, Alex Villalba, Olivia Williams, Kai… Continue reading Within & Without Launches
  • RAR Sticker Raffle
    Get a limited edition RAR raffle sticker for a chance to win the original illustration of the History of WTFN-B Riders in Cycling by Tessa Hulls! These sticker sales will help with our fundraising efforts for RAR 2021 programs like our new Chapters Program launching in late spring. 🛒 How to participate: Purchase a RAR sticker for $10 on our shop to enter.… Continue reading RAR Sticker Raffle
  • AAPI Solidarity
    Asian is not a virus. Racism is. Standing in solidarity with the Asian American and Pacific Islander community today and always. These are 10 organizations to follow, donate and support in Atlanta and across the U.S. Please do what you can to support the AAPI community by donating your time or money, offering allyship, and making sure that these stories are not overlooked.… Continue reading AAPI Solidarity
  • CIP Survey Key Findings
    In December 2020, RAR conducted a 42 question survey with 123 responses from companies that signed the Cycling Industry Pledge.  The CIP Survey Key Findings help us understand where the primary gaps are in the pledge’s actions and commitments. We recognize that those who filled out the survey are still on their journey towards change, and there is still work to do collectively.… Continue reading CIP Survey Key Findings
  • New Year New Name
    This past summer, we committed to change the name of our organization by the end of 2020. We acknowledge that both “WTF” and “Bikexplorers” are harmful, with ‘explorer’ using traumatic colonial language and ‘WTF’ centralizing cisgender women while being a recognizable acronym for ‘what the f*ck.”  Asking for Name Suggestions On December 1st, our leadership team and past collaborators started to brainstorm on name ideas,… Continue reading New Year New Name
  • 2021 Leadership
    We are thrilled to introduce three new organizers to the crew as we head into 2021. Please join us in welcoming Christina Grande , Renee Hutchens  and Zahra Alabanza! We’re excited for their expertise and guidance as they join co-founders Mary Lytle and Molly Molly Sugar to shape the future of WTF BX. Read more about each team member and their background on our website. We also want… Continue reading 2021 Leadership
  • BIPOC Cycling Grants
    Even though the SJ Brooks Scholarship is closed for 2020, many grant opportunities are still available for the BIPOC cycling community. We’ve compiled a list for you to keep a reference and an eye on those approaching deadlines!  👀 Bikepacking Roots BIPOC Adventure Grant To support recipients by helping fund a fun and empowering bike adventure. Deadline: Nov 8, 2020 Bikepacking.com BIPOC Collective… Continue reading BIPOC Cycling Grants
  • Fire Suppression
    Our hearts go out to all those impacted by the fires burning in the Western U.S. 💜 We are in Oregon and can see the sky covered in smoke as we write this. As wildfires spread in California, Oregon, and Washington there are a lot of convos on the internet about climate change. Climate change has undeniably made wildfires worse, but it is… Continue reading Fire Suppression
  • 8 Bikepacking Tips During COVID
    While the coronavirus pandemic is escalating in the US, we wanted to share some tips and advice as folks get back out bikepacking again. We urge you to be responsible and acknowledge your impact while traveling. 1. Stay Close To Home Look up guidelines and phases of reopening for where you are traveling from and to. Be especially mindful of guidelines for Indigenous… Continue reading 8 Bikepacking Tips During COVID
  • SJ Brooks Scholarship Fund Goal Reached
    Thanks to the support from the cycling community and the cycling industry, WTF BX is able to offer nine SJ Brooks Scholarships in 2020 for specifically BIPOC FTWN/B cyclists. We sought to expand our scholarships this year and you showed up to make that happen! In only one week, the community surpassed the $10k GoFundMe goal and raised an additional $2k to create… Continue reading SJ Brooks Scholarship Fund Goal Reached
  • Anti-Racism Resources
    Three comprehensive resource lists to continue your education on anti-racism. 1. #BlackTransLivesMatter Actions & Resources for Solidarity This resource document was a collaborative effort between people who stand in solidarity with Black trans women and wanted to make a difference, and some of the foremost Black trans leaders in community and culture. It is a breathing document, so we welcome your suggestions on additions… Continue reading Anti-Racism Resources
  • BLM Action Plan
  • Patagonia Ride Series Recap
      What happens when you bring a group of W/T/F/N-B bikexploring strangers together over a rugged multi-day adventure through the Sonoran Desert? Magical things. A couple weeks ago a group of WTF Bikexplorers assembled in Patagonia, Arizona for the first of five nationwide rides leading up to the WTF Bikexplorers Summit in August. These rides are grassroots opportunities designed to build a greater… Continue reading Patagonia Ride Series Recap