RAR Jobs Board Launches!

The RAR Jobs Board is a job listing to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the cycling and outdoors industries. 

With companies in the cycling and outdoors industries committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives like the Cycling Industry Pledge, RAR found that there was still a lack of employee diversity. The RAR Jobs Board hopes to lessen this gap by amplifying job opportunities in the cycling industry, specifically to BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the RAR community. 


The job listing is a quick and easy way to browse opportunities across the industry for those seeking a job. Whether you are taking your first step or making your next move, from large companies to small bike shops, full-time to part-time, our team reviews each role to make sure it’s relevant for the RAR community.

View the list of current opportunities for your next role on the RAR website.


For employers, we have a passionate and growing BIPOC and FTWN-B community with the skills and experience that you’re looking for. The cost is $50 for a single job post that we promote on our website and social media platforms. In addition, two job posts are part of CIP membership for those who are a part of the Cycling Industry Pledge. 

Reach the BIPOC and FTWN-B community by filling out the RAR Job post form. 100% of the funds will directly go to RAR programs.

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