Radical Adventure Riders

Our mission is moving towards enhancing gender inclusivity and racial equity in the bicycle and outdoor adventure scene. We do this by providing connection, education, resources, and support for the community.

*Previously known as WTF Bikexplorers, we committed to this name change to be mindful of the language that best reflects our community. The process was inclusive through a social media vote, and we’re thankful for the love and conversations that led to this decision.

Latest RAR News

Resource List

We have a continuous work-in-progress resource list for the RAR community and allies. Our aim is to co-create a cycling and outdoors resource list that is of, by, and for FTWN-B and BIPOC folx. 

Get Rad Publication

Get Rad Be Radical is an annual publication that changes the way women, trans, femme, and non-binary folx are depicted and represented in the bicycle adventure community.

RAR Chapters

Eleven RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! RAR will work six funded Chapters and five non-funded Chapters to create hyper-local networks and programs to support RAR’s mission.

Within & Without Podcast

RAR and RAHOK present the Within & Without podcast. A series of off-the-chain dispatches from BIPoC and Allies discussing tensions within the cycling community and how we connect to ourselves and the world around us through cycling and the outdoors.

Gravel Program

The RAR Gravel Program is expanding the vision of inclusivity, diversity, and representation specifically at gravel events. We do this by creating a stronger FTWN-B community, one in which rather than competing against each other, we support, celebrate, and connect to grow as individuals and a community as a whole.

SJ Brooks Scholarship

In 2020, we received 200 applications, and the reality is that there were more qualified applicants than we had scholarships to give. Thank you to all who applied and shared parts of yourselves with honesty, vulnerability, and badassery.

Through selecting these sixteen individuals the SJ Brooks Scholarship Committee and RAR team sought to honor diversity in race, gender, and class within the cycling community. We believe that these recipients embody cyclists who use the bicycle as a powerful tool for liberation, transformation, community, and mental health.

In memory of SJ Brooks, join us in celebrating the recipients!

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