Who are Radical Adventure Riders?

Radical Adventure Riders (RAR) was originally founded in 2017 by six friends who shared a passion for adventure cycling and wanted to encourage, support, and celebrate a wider representation of riders.

RAR is also YOU – any trans, woman, intersex, and femme person that loves biking and the outdoors. Allies of the RAR community are welcome to reach out to find ways to support our efforts!

What do FTWN-B and BIPOC mean?

FTWN-B is shorthand for femme, transgender, women and non-binary. BIPOC is shorthand for Black, Indigenous and people of color. We acknowledge that letters and labels only go so far and that, above all, we seek to respect whatever words people use to describe themselves. We hope to engage in a conversation where we can learn more about one another.

Will RAR events be accessible to cis-men?

RAR events, programs, and Chapters are not accessible to cis-men unless specifically stated otherwise. If you want to support our work, you can help spread the word about what RAR is doing with your friends and community. Donating to our organization, and buying merchandise on our store also helps fund our operating costs to run our programs.

How can my company become a sponsor?

Is your brand looking for a unique way to connect with the RAR community? We’d love to discuss the opportunities we have available to form a mutually beneficial relationship. Reach out to us through our email at radicaladventureriders@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

Are you a non-profit 501c3?

Radical Adventure Riders is an established partnership LLC based in Portland, Oregon. We have chosen to remain a partnership company so we can put the needs of our community first. As an LLC we can pay contributors fairly, work with partners we believe in, and have the autonomy to make quicker decisions to grow RAR into the best it can be for our community.

Who do I contact for volunteering?

We are so grateful for your interest in supporting RAR! Better defined volunteer opportunities will be announced soon – please subscribe to our newsletter so that you’ll be first to know when we’ve put out a call for awesome volunteers to help us make these special events happen.

How can I start a RAR Chapter?

We are stoked you want to start a RAR Chapter. RAR Chapter applications are currently closed but there are eleven chapters across the United States that you can connect with and ask questions about being a chapter. We will make an announcement on our newsletter and social media when Chapter applications open up again.

I have more questions!

We’ll do our best to answer them – just reach out through email at radicaladventureriders@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch.