Cycling Industry Pledge

CIP holds companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community with signees making a commitment to actions outlined in the pledge.

Learn about the benefits of signing CIP, and the new pricing model for an annual membership.

CIP Survey Key Findings

In December 2020 RAR conducted a 42 question survey with 123 responses from companies that signed CIP.

The CIP Survey Key Findings help us understand where the primary gaps are in the pledge’s actions and commitments. We share these key findings to hold ourselves accountable and give transparency to our collective progress towards growth. 

Sign CIP

Learn about the Cycling Industry Pledge and the reasons why you should sign.

CIP Network

In 2020, there were 249 companies and non-profits that signed the Cycling Industry Pledge.

Report an Issue

The CIP Issue Report allows individuals to notify RAR about signees who violate their commitments to CIP actions and RAR Guiding Principles.

Show Your Support

Get a limited edition screenprint poster of our Guiding Principles and a CIP sticker to show your support for the Cycling Industry Pledge.

CIP Media Kit

View the CIP media kit including logos, and social assets.