Report an Issue

The CIP Issue Report allows individuals to notify RAR about signees who violate their commitments to the Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP).

Signing CIP means being a part of a conscious collective dedicated to positive social change in the cycling community. RAR holds one on one evaluations with signees who violate CIP through reported issues.

*All issues are anonymous unless it is explicitly indicated that a submitter would like to be identified.

What happens during a one on one CIP evaluation?

During a one on one evaluation, RAR and the signee will review the issue(s) reported and discuss an action plan to address the issue(s). RAR will evaluate the companies commitment to CIP based on their actions. Action plans must include concrete dates and clear actions that address the complaint. If a company does not create an action plan or has violated CIP more than three times, then RAR will remove the signee from the CIP Network.