RAR Programs

RAR creates networks and programs to support FTWN-B and BIPOC in the cycling and outdoors scene.

SJ Brooks Scholarship

The SJ Brooks Scholarship seeks to increase access, reduce barriers, and center voices specifically for BIPOC cyclists who identify as FTWN-B.

RAR Chapters

RAR Chapters are communities at a local level. Chapters will host locally organized events, while RAR provides resources and monetary support for their efforts.

Cycling Industry Pledge

CIP holds companies accountable to advance DEI in the cycling community with signees making a commitment to actions outlined in the pledge.

Within & Without Podcast

Within & Without is a new podcast series sharing stories, interviews, and event highlights by and for the RAR community.

Get Rad Be Radical Publication

The first issue of Get Rad Be Radical, It’s About Bikes, But Not About Bikes, creates a platform where everyone can see and experience what it means to be a rad adventure rider.

Gravel Race Team & Squad

The RAR Gravel Race Team and Squad supports, celebrates and connects our growing community in the gravel racing and adventure cycling scene.

Primary Supporters

Thank you to the generous primary supporters for making RAR programs possible.