Gravel Team

From 2020 to 2021, an incredible team of ten ambassadors represented and shared the RAR Gravel Program’s mission at major gravel events such as Midsouth, SBT Gravel, and Grinduro California.

Each of these ten individuals poured their heart, passion, and time into the team & community, all amidst a pandemic– while navigating their personal lives. We are genuinely thankful for everything the team members and team sponsors have done for the community.

As of 2022, the RAR Gravel team has been discontinued as RAR moves toward exposing RAR Chapter members to local races and lifting up existing FTWN-B and BIPOC teams in gravel racing, and connecting interested folx to a gravel community through the Gravel Squad.

A few members have started a new team ~ follow to see how they will continue to create more gender inclusivity in the gravel racing scene.

Past Team Members

Elyse Bejasa

she/her. New Orleans, Lousiana.

By day, I am a fundraiser for an animal welfare nonprofit. I’ve raced bikes since 2016 but only started gravel in 2018. My friends and I decided to sign up for the DK200 in 2018 and trained for months. I fell short of finishing because of mechanicals which set me back timewise, but I loved every minute of it. Well, almost every minute.
My goal is to be a positive, supportive leader for POCs in gravel racing and beyond. I joined this team to become a stronger racer, but also to be a stronger and better leader by learning, representing for those who the bike industry has left out of conversations, and doing things that scare me with supportive folks by my side.


Izzy Sederbaum

he/him. Seattle, Washington.

When not riding bikes and being team Dad, I am a researcher and a PhD student at the University of Washington. I’ve been racing bikes on and off for 19 years (maybe I should be team Grandpa), and started racing gravel in 2017. For me, racing is a way for me to push myself and expand my limits, rather than focusing on medals and podiums. It’s also fun as hell. I’m here to show that there is plenty of room for trans people in the racing community and to use my love of logistics and cookies to support the team as we work together to challenge the boundaries of who racing has traditionally been for.


M Waldron

all pronouns. Hayden, Colorado.

I’ve been casually gravel racing for a few years, mostly small, local events; last summer I started increasing my mileage and going to bigger events. This season I am excited to ride fast and not just ride to finish and I can’t wait to see what the team does on course! I couldn’t imagine spending this much time with folks who weren’t actively trying to make the world a better place and I am excited to bring the message of inclusivity and diversity to the gravel scene.


Delaney Burkette

they/them. Portland, Oregon.

I’ve been a cyclist (road and mtb) for a long
time, but only recently found gravel racing. My goals for this season are to make the WTF community known to be competitive and able to contribute in a large way to the gravel world. As for my team, I am confident that we will provide a welcoming, encouraging, and inspiring space for everybody at the events we attend.


Charley Erickson

they/them. Portland, Oregon.

I fell in love with racing last winter when I participated in a bandit cross race, since then I’ve done two gravel races and have my first cyclocross season in the books. As I’m more experienced with shorter races, my goal is to cross the finish line and still feel human. I envision the team holding and creating more space for FTW’s at gravel races by organizing group rides, community building, and sharing our stories.


Natalia Cortes

she/her. East San José, California.

My experience with gravel comes from riding local trails. It wasn’t until I had my first bike packing trip last October, a trip that included a fantastic rocky descent into a river valley, that I discovered the feeling you get when you’re goin’ fast. So now… all I want is to get faster. My goal, as a first generation daughter of hard-working Mexican immigrants, is to break boundaries and make space for folks who come from similar situations. It only seems fit to be a part of a team that wants to do the same.


Dartanian Kaufman

they/them. Berkeley, California.

I’ve worked in environmental education over the past 8 years. I’m a bike teacher, mechanic and collective member at Cycles of Change/the Oakland bikery. Here to push my pedals towards positivity for the youth I work with and my communities. As a beginner to gravel racing, love of bikes runs to my depths. I have seen my commitment to riding influence my quality of life by reducing acute mental and emotional states, supporting me to be present for life every day. My goal on this team is to let my neurodivergence shine as a gift, build solidarity with other FTW racers and crush goals I didn’t know I had AKA fly while falling.


Devin Cowens

she/her. Atlanta, Georgia.

I am a connector, event planner, and advocate for BIPOC folks in cycling. I manage RAR ATL and in my free time, I enjoy traveling, bike camping, creating community, and bringing people together.  I have never raced bikes so this is a completely new endeavor for me. I’m excited to develop my mental and physical strength, learn from others, and see where my body can take me over the next several months.


Hannah Dhonau

she/her. Beautah (SLC), Utah.

My riding/racing background can be summarized as “everything in moderation, especially moderation,” having mostly raced self-supported multi-day routes. Racing larger events with the WTF Gravel Team provides the chance to work with and for others. I want to cross the finish knowing I gave my team every ounce of effort. But more than that, I hope we can foster and see the growth of the FTW community at races, so when we toe the line, there’s a greater sense of belonging.


Effie Bourgin

she/her. Berkeley, California.

My racing experience is practically nil; on a whim I signed up for a big gravel race last fall and totally fell in love. I’ve been riding bikes for a long time but have only been working towards longer distances and a faster pace for < 1 year. This season I’m excited to push hard and feel strong, as an individual and as a team. It’s time for the [gravel] racing world to make space for FTWs and BIPOC and I think the WTF Gravel Team will be an important voice in this paradigm shift.


Photo by Jay Melena

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