Bring on Spring Ride Series

Join the Gravel Squad for two riding weekends to Bring On Spring! 

Now that Spring is here, the team would love to challenge Gravel Squad members to connect and ride together over two weekends: April 16-18th & April 23rd-25th. Riding solo or gathering a small group together. 

  • Enter to win raffle prizes by playing RAR Bingo while you ride!
  • Share photos of your completed row of activities from the RAR Bingo card!
  • Use #bringonspring2021 on Instagram, Facebook, Google Group, or Discord.
  • Share by April 30th to be entered!
  • Raffle drawing on May 7th. Raffle Prizes announced soon!

RAR Bingo 

Share photos of your completed row of activities from RAR Bingo using the hashtag #RARBringonSpring2021. Take a pic doing the following and match for a row of activities:

  • Selfie at start
  • Water spot
  • Selfie at finish
  • Ride 60 miles
  • Sweet snack
  • Art
  • Bike skid
  • #shredthepatriarchy
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Land back
  • Savory snack
  • Ride 30 miles
  • Leave no trace
  • Bike portrait
  • Summit
  • Single-track
  • Cartwheel
  • Sunset or sunrise
  • Dance
  • Stretch
  • City ride
  • Gravel ride
  • Rest spot
  • Ride 10 miles

Share Your Route

Share your route on the Bring on Spring Ride with GPS Collection. There are NO route requirements. It can be a short ride around town or 60 miler. What matters is connecting– there’s magic in that! Details on COVID guidelines below.

Interested in joining the Squad?

Connect with riders through our google group and discord. The RAR Gravel Squad is open to folx who identify as non-binary, transgender, femme, or women.

COVID Guidelines

  • Limit carpooling – Try to ride to the start or meet separately at the trailhead. 
  • 4:1 Group Ratio – 4 riders per 1 ride group leader. No more than 10 in a group.
  • Face Coverings – Should be worn at all times when not moving, strongly encouraged to wear while moving when possible.
  • Give people 20ft – While moving, physical distancing should be at 20ft.
  • Bring hand sanitizer
  • Bring rubber gloves – in case of a medical emergency
  • No snot rockets – Use a bandana to wipe your boogers.
  • Sanitize bike touchpoints – Before and after rides. (Ex: grips, handlebar, saddle, shifters, bike frame, helmets.)

Supported by

Thank you to the generous supporters for making the RAR Gravel Program possible.

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