Cycling Industry Pledge Enrollment Open

Cycling Industry Pledge enrollment is now open until Friday, April 30th!

In 2020, there were 249 companies that committed to the Cycling Industry Pledge. RAR is now looking to you in building a more resilient cycling industry for 2021. 

The Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) works to hold companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community with signees making a commitment to actions outlined in the pledge. 

Added Benefits

By joining CIP, all members receive core benefits and with an addition of these new benefits:

  • Accountability & Networking: RAR will offer an accountability group for companies who want a working group to share their pledge progress. RAR will also provide one-on-one connections for those who want to get in touch with similar-sized companies.
  • Exposure & Job Promotion: Paid members get access to up to two job announcements via our website and social media. RAR will also feature your company logo on our website and social media when we highlight signees. 
  • RAR Community Connection: RAR offers you additional networking opportunities with our community through RAR’s newsletter and programs. When requested, RAR can directly connect you to our Chapters, Gravel, and Scholarship programs.

Membership Cost

We have a new membership cost because we believe that the work that goes into CIP should be acknowledged as paid labor. The cost to join the CIP Network is based on your number of full-time equivalent employees. We offer a pay what you can option but we encourage folks to use our levels as a baseline.

1 employee$50
2-5 employees$100
6-10 employees$150
11-35 employees$200
36-100 employees$250
101-500 employees$300
501+ employees$400

Reasons to Join

The CIP Network aims to foster empathy, understanding, and eagerness for the growth necessary to make progress toward true equity in cycling spaces. By signing CIP, you are taking an active role in that progress. You join a network that cheers each other on, holds each other accountable, shares information and education, and reminds one another of why we are all here. 

It is time for companies to make a long-term commitment towards meaningful change. The 2020 CIP Survey Key Findings indicated that meaningful action still needs to come from within the cycling industry.

Learn more and enroll by Friday, April 30th!

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