RAR Gravel Team Becomes Wild Composite Racing

The RAR Gravel team of incredible ambassadors created a stronger FTWN-B community at gravel events in 2020 and beyond, one in which, rather than competing against each other, they support, celebrate, and connect– to grow and develop as individuals and a community as a whole. 

Each of these ten individuals poured their heart, passion, and time into the role, all amidst a pandemic– while navigating their personal lives. We are genuinely thankful for everything the team members and team sponsors have done for the community.

As of 2022, the RAR Gravel team has been discontinued however, some of the team members have graduated to an independent team called Wild Composite Racing.

Follow Wild Composite

💞 Follow @wild.composite.racing to see what the formerly known as RAR Gravel Team is getting up to this racing season.

RAR Gravel Squad & Chapters

RAR is moving toward exposing RAR Chapter members to local races and lifting up existing FTWN-B and BIPOC teams in gravel racing, and connecting interested folx to a gravel community through the RAR Gravel Squad.


Thank you to the 2021 gravel team sponsors.

@iamspecialized  @velocioapparel  @swiftindustries 
@wildernesstrailbikes.  @ridewithgps

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