SJ Brooks Scholarship GoFundMe Launches

We’re asking the cycling and outdoors community to help raise $23k to provide up to twenty SJ Brooks Scholarships for 2021!


Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, trans, and women riders have a deep connection to the earth. However, due to systemic racism and other injustices, many are not accessing the much-needed medicine of being outdoors. Unfortunately, these injustices and inequalities have persisted much longer than at this current moment.


We recognize that there is much work that we, collectively, can do to create more safe, accessible, and inclusive spaces and opportunities for our relatives.  

Since 2018, RAR has granted twenty-seven SJ Brooks Scholarships— with gear, cash, and bikes based on the recipient’s needs.


If you support our mission, please help us grow the scholarship by contributing to the SJ Brooks Scholarship fundraiser. 

Your donation will go directly toward financial stipends for the scholarship recipients to use– to help pursue a spirited bicycle endeavor on their terms. 


Also thank you to the generous companies for supporting the SJ Brooks Scholarship with gear and funding. We are still seeking donations and if your company would like to get involved, please email us at

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