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RAR Gravel Team Becomes Wild Composite Racing

Date March 21, 2022
The RAR Gravel team of incredible ambassadors created a stronger FTWN-B community at gravel events in 2020 and beyond, one in which, rather than competing against each other, they support, celebrate, and connect– to grow and develop as individuals and a community as a whole.  Each of these ten individuals poured their heart, passion, and time into the role, all amidst a pandemic– while navigating their personal lives. We are genuinely thankful for everything the…

RAR Gravel Team Camp 2021 Recap

Date July 1, 2021
WORDS BY EFFIE BOURGIN ~ PHOTOS BY RAR GRAVEL TEAM On the second weekend of June 2021, sixteen months after our team formed in the Arizona desert, the RAR Gravel Team was finally able to gather in person. Finally, after hundreds of hours of zoom calls, thousands of slack, and text messages, we could bask in the glow of togetherness. Our team gathered on the ancestral lands of the Ohlone, Coast Miwok, Amah Mutson, Ramay…

Bring on Spring Ride Series

Date April 2, 2021
Join the Gravel Squad for two riding weekends to Bring On Spring!  Now that Spring is here, the team would love to challenge Gravel Squad members to connect and ride together over two weekends: April 16-18th & April 23rd-25th. Riding solo or gathering a small group together.  Enter to win raffle prizes by playing RAR Bingo while you ride!Share photos of your completed row of activities from the RAR Bingo card!Use #bringonspring2021 on Instagram, Facebook,…