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RAR Chapters Fundraiser

Date February 13, 2023
Help RAR Chapters grow to 20 locations! DONATE HERE When we launched the RAR Chapter program in 2021, we couldn’t have dreamed how successful and joyful this program would be. We’ve supported 11 Chapters in creating community, skill-sharing, and getting more BIPOC and FTWN-B folks on bikes across the country.  Over the last year, our Chapters have launched community gear libraries, hosted gravel camps, and created inclusive communities. After taking the last year to strengthen…

Get Rad Issue 02 & Cycling Cap Launches

Date May 3, 2022
New merch drop! Get rad by getting the Get Rad publication and cycling cap. Get Rad Issue 02 Get Rad’s second issue, Making Space and Stepping Back, features 13 contributors creating space for BIPOC and trans, women, intersex, and gender non-conforming folks in the cycling and outdoors community. Contributors center on community building and organizing, prioritizing self and collective care and cultivating education and knowledge-sharing in the bike adventure community. VIEW ISSUE 02 Get Rad Cycling…

RAR Gravel Team Becomes Wild Composite Racing

Date March 21, 2022
The RAR Gravel team of incredible ambassadors created a stronger FTWN-B community at gravel events in 2020 and beyond, one in which, rather than competing against each other, they support, celebrate, and connect– to grow and develop as individuals and a community as a whole.  Each of these ten individuals poured their heart, passion, and time into the role, all amidst a pandemic– while navigating their personal lives. We are genuinely thankful for everything the…

New RAR Merch Drop

Date February 1, 2022
Launching the Group Ride Guide, tech pin, making space sticker, and B.A.T.H. print! We are always reflecting on our role and how to ensure that our resources are contributing to our community. Today we launch a set of products for you to learn, reflect and pass on what it means to be a radical adventure cyclist. GET RAR MERCH GET RAR MERCH

2021 SJ Brooks Scholarship Recipients

Date January 7, 2022
We are thrilled to announce that 20 recipients have been awarded the SJ Brooks Scholarship for 2021! Give a big congrats to all the recipients! 👏 👏 👏 We received 126 applications, and the reality is that there were more qualified applicants than we had scholarships to give. Thank you to all who applied and shared parts of yourselves with honesty, vulnerability, and badassery. MEET THE RECIPIENTS Why does the SJ Brooks Scholarship matter? The scholarship…

Rest is Radical

Date December 2, 2021
BRB in January ✌️ We are working on practicing what we teach, so we are taking a social media break for one month to reflect on our programs & structure to make RAR more sustainable for the future.  What the crew will be up to during this period: Meet IRL in Los Angeles to work on org planning & ride bikes. Build strong foundations for all programs.Reflect on whether programs align with mission.Evaluate our business structure…

“Drink Plenty of Water” Headset Cap

Date September 13, 2021
We are stoked to announce our latest collaboration with Corvid Cycles and Dispatch. GET YOUR RAR HEADSET CAP ⚡️RAR “Drink Plenty of Water” Headset Cap⚡️ Add this to your trusty bike as a healthy reminder that self-care is the first step to shredding the patriarchy and to keep supporting gender inclusivity and racial equity in the cycling and outdoors scene.  Choose between 10 cap colors. $15 or more of your purchase goes directly to Radical…

SJ Brooks Scholarship GoFundMe Launches

Date June 30, 2021
We’re asking the cycling and outdoors community to help raise $23k to provide up to twenty SJ Brooks Scholarships for 2021! MAKE A DONATION THE WHY Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer, trans, and women riders have a deep connection to the earth. However, due to systemic racism and other injustices, many are not accessing the much-needed medicine of being outdoors. Unfortunately, these injustices and inequalities have persisted much longer than at this current moment….

RAR Jobs Board Launches!

Date June 21, 2021
The RAR Jobs Board is a job listing to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the cycling and outdoors industries.  With companies in the cycling and outdoors industries committing to diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives like the Cycling Industry Pledge, RAR found that there was still a lack of employee diversity. The RAR Jobs Board hopes to lessen this gap by amplifying job opportunities in the cycling industry, specifically to BIPOC and FTWN-B…

Industry Support for SJ Brooks Scholarship

Date June 15, 2021
In our fourth year, Radical Adventure Riders are asking the cycling industry to help expand and increase financial funding and gear donations for the 2021 SJ Brooks Scholarship.  Supporting the scholarship will expand your company’s footprint on increasing racial equity and gender inclusivity in the cycling community. See last year’s recipients and supporters to learn what the scholarship is all about. Alongside a community fundraiser, we want to give the cycling and outdoors industries the…

RAR Chapter Selections

Date June 10, 2021
Get stoked! Eleven RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! The RAR Chapters program received over twenty applications from BIPOC and FTWN-B organizers from across the country. We sought to select groups in different regions and had a solid core group to build out their community efforts.  RAR is supporting six funded Chapters and five non-funded Chapters. Funded Chapters receive stipends and gear support. In addition, all…

RAR Artist Fund Raffle

Date June 7, 2021
Get a RAR raffle sticker to raise money for a RAR Artist Fund and for a chance to win prize packages from our friends Ron’s Bikes, Casa Verde, and Crust Bikes!  SUPPORT THE ARTIST FUND 🎨 Why a RAR Artist Fund: Your sticker purchase will help us create an artist fund for future collaborations with BIPOC FTWN-B creatives on merchandise, graphics and video projects – the sky’s the limit on what we can do. The…

RAR Chapters Launches

Date April 26, 2021
We are excited to expand our programming and support RAR Chapters throughout the U.S.! Six Chapters will receive funding, training, and support to carry out RAR’s mission. Apply by May 10th! LEARN MORE & APPLY TO RAR CHAPTERS RAR seeks to expand and sustain its programming by enhancing, building, and supporting Chapters that will locally carry out its mission. RAR will work with its local Chapters to create hyper-local networks and programs to support femmes,…

RAR Sticker Raffle

Date March 26, 2021
Get a limited edition RAR raffle sticker for a chance to win the original illustration of the History of WTFN-B Riders in Cycling by Tessa Hulls! These sticker sales will help with our fundraising efforts for RAR 2021 programs like our new Chapters Program launching in late spring. 🛒 How to participate: Purchase a RAR sticker for $10 on our shop to enter. 1 sticker = 1 entry  📅 When to enter: Order a sticker…

New Year New Name

Date February 16, 2021
This past summer, we committed to change the name of our organization by the end of 2020. We acknowledge that both “WTF” and “Bikexplorers” are harmful, with ‘explorer’ using traumatic colonial language and ‘WTF’ centralizing cisgender women while being a recognizable acronym for ‘what the f*ck.”  Asking for Name Suggestions On December 1st, our leadership team and past collaborators started to brainstorm on name ideas, but we recognized that we’d fall short if we didn’t include you…

2021 Leadership

Date December 8, 2020
We are thrilled to introduce three new organizers to the crew as we head into 2021. Please join us in welcoming Christina Grande , Renee Hutchens  and Zahra Alabanza! We’re excited for their expertise and guidance as they join co-founders Mary Lytle and Molly Molly Sugar to shape the future of Radical Adventure Riders. Read more about each team member and their background on our website. READ MORE ABOUT THE CREW We also want to recognize and give thanks to…

SJ Brooks Scholarship Fund Goal Reached

Date June 25, 2020
Thanks to the support from the cycling community and the cycling industry, WTF BX is able to offer nine SJ Brooks Scholarships in 2020 for specifically BIPOC FTWN/B cyclists. We sought to expand our scholarships this year and you showed up to make that happen! In only one week, the community surpassed the $10k GoFundMe goal and raised an additional $2k to create six scholarships! With individual fundraisers and company support donations of $6k, three…

BLM Action Plan

Date June 12, 2020
To our community, the WTF BX co-founding members recognize that we can and should do more to dismantle the toxic systems that oppress Black people unjustly. We acknowledge the necessity of actively listening to and amplifying Black voices and leadership, so we ask you to help hold us accountable for the following actions: Changing our Organization Structure Adding paid positions for Black, Indigenous and Trans core leadership by September 2020Changing the name of our organization…