BLM Action Plan

To our community, the WTF BX co-founding members recognize that we can and should do more to dismantle the toxic systems that oppress Black people unjustly.

We acknowledge the necessity of actively listening to and amplifying Black voices and leadership, so we ask you to help hold us accountable for the following actions:

Changing our Organization Structure

  • Adding paid positions for Black, Indigenous and Trans core leadership by September 2020
  • Changing the name of our organization to remove traumatic colonial language and decentralize cisgender women by the end of 2020
  • Requiring DEI training for leadership

Investing in the BIPOC Community

  • Increasing SJ Brooks Scholarship funding for BIPOC cyclists from $600 to $2000 for each recipient in 2020 and beyond
  • Pay a BIPOC and Trans committee review the SJ Brooks Scholarships
  • Adding three BIPOC and Trans riders to our gravel team for the 2021 season

Holding the Cycling Industry Accountable

  • Monthly check-ins with companies who signed the Cycling Industry Pledge
  • Grow the CIP Network from 175 to 250 companies by the end of 2020
  • One on one accountability evaluations with companies who do not meet CIP requirements

These are the first steps of many, and we will continually share updates with you as we take action.

With solidarity,

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  1. Hey there,
    I really love what you are doing and I am relly glad you decided to reconsider your name. It shows that you are commited to be more inclusive and responsible. To add your efforts I would suggest to also edit the new name into rescources that were created prior (eg. the playlist).
    Best wishes from Berlin
    Mika (they/them)

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