8 Bikepacking Tips During COVID

While the coronavirus pandemic is escalating in the US, we wanted to share some tips and advice as folks get back out bikepacking again. We urge you to be responsible and acknowledge your impact while traveling.

1. Stay Close To Home

Look up guidelines and phases of reopening for where you are traveling from and to. Be especially mindful of guidelines for Indigenous and high-risk communities. Stick to the one tank of gas rule if you’re unsure on how far to travel.

2. Wear A Facial Covering 

As you pass others wear a face covering and make eye contact. If you’re behind say ‘on your left/right’ as you pass. Ringing a bell ahead of time notifies people you’re nearby. Mask up for businesses, public spaces, and in times where social distancing is difficult.

3. Travel With Your Circle

If possible, do not bikepack with folks other than members of your household. If you bikepack with a group, make it small and have everyone get tested before (temperature, symptoms check, and a COVID test, if necessary). Avoid carpooling with folks who are not members of your household.

4. Pack It With You

Make sure you have everything you need before you go, especially food, hand sanitizer, soap, toilet paper, med-kit. Send only a single person to resupply if it is necessary. 

5. Wash Your Hands 

Wash up before and after using public spaces. Pack hand sanitizer and don’t forget your soap. Avoid sharing cookware and bike tools with others.

6. Recognize Impact

Know your limits. Be self-sufficient and cautious. Do not rely on resources that high-risk communities don’t get equal access to. During and after your trip social distance from people that weren’t in your traveling circle.

7. Leave No Trace

Respect public lands and communities. As always, pack it in and pack it out. Expect to carry your trash until you get back. 

8. Stay Home

If you are feeling unwell or unsure, don’t go. Do indoor exercises, plan for your future trip, and take your vitamins until you are ready to go bikepacking.

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