BIPOC Cycling Businesses

Holiday Shopping PSA

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During this holiday shopping season support BIPOC-led organizations and businesses in the cycling industry.

Here is a non-exhaustive list to start from. Please tag other BIPOC-led brands in the comments so this can be an ever-evolving resource. *BIPOC is shorthand for Black, Indigenous and people of color.

Supporting RAR ✨

When you get Radical Adventure Riders merch, every purchase contributes towards our programs to support more FTWN-B and BIPOC folks in cycling and the outdoors. We are also BIPOC, women, and non-binary led. Specifically, our five-person leadership team is Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian and white.

We do this work out of passion, but passion cannot sustain our programming for lasting change. If you follow us, please support our work by buying RAR merch or donating directly on our website.  

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