Asian-Owned Cycling Businesses

To celebrate AAPI-month, we created a list of Asian-owned cycling businesses. Support, follow, and share this post to uplift the Asian cycling community!

This is not a comprehensive list by any means, so please add Asian-owned cycling businesses that should be recognized in the comments.

We also want to recognize that many bicycle frames, components, and parts are made in Asia. We are highlighting small to medium businesses in this list, but we acknowledge how the Asian community can and has made a large impact on the cycling industry.

Cheese Cycling Club

Who: Founded by Ahn, Hyung-Sun

About: Cycling apparel brand based in Seoul, South Korea.

Social: @cheese_cycling_club



Who: Founded by Faritz M.

About: Custom bicycle frames handcrafted in Malaysia.

Social: @fezzcyclesbyfaritz


Who: Founded by Patti

About: 가방 GaBang pronounced “Gah-baHang” is a one person, small production cycling bag studio in Toronto, Canada.

Social: @g.a.b.a.n.g


Outer Shell

Who: Founded by Kyle Ng

About: Rugged bikepacking bags and accessories design and made in San Francisco, CA.



Pathless Pedaled 

Who: Owned by Russ Roca

About: Do you love travel, bicycles, camera gear and craft coffee? This Youtube channel is for you. Watch travel tips, gear reviews and trip inspiration to get you stoked for your next outdoor adventure.

Social: @pathlesspedaled


Post Carry Co. 

Who: Owned by Marc Mendoza

About: Rugged and functional bags for traveling and exploring cyclists like ourselves. 

Social: @postcarryco


Psycho Caps

Who: Owned by Grace Young

About: Unique cycling hats made in Los Angeles, CA.

Social: @psycho_caps


Road Runner Bags

Who: Owned by Ester Song

About: Every single item in our store is handmade by us, for you, right in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, CA.

Social: @roadrunnerbags


Ron’s Bikes

Who: Co-owned by Arya Namdol

About: Perpetually imitated neoclassical bicycle luggage created in Hadlyme, CT.

Social: @ronsbikes


Rookey Bike

Who: Owned by Jeonghun Lee

About: Custom bicycle frames handbuilt in Seoul, Korea since 2013.

Social: @rookeybike



Who: Simworks founded by Shinya Tanaka, Simworks USA is owned by Rie Sawada

About: SimWorks creates and distributes bicycle products and components to fit every rider’s lifestyle. 

Social: @simworks @simworksusa


Skratch Labs

Who: Founded by Dr. Allen Lim

About: skratch labs makes sports nutrition designed to help you perform better without offending your gut or your taste buds because we use real food, starting from scratch.

Social: @skratchlabs


Sycip Bicycles

Who: Owned by Jeremy Sycip

About: Handmade bikes in Northern, CA since 1992.

Social: @sycipdesigns


Thousand Helmets

Who: Founded by Gloria Hwang

About: We named our company ‘Thousand’ as a goal of helping to save 1000 lives by making helmets people actually want to wear.

Social: @explorethousand


Tomii Cycles

Who: Owned by Nao Tomii

About: Japanese native Nao Tomii applies his sculpting background to the handmade bikes he produces at his Austin, TX workshop.

Social: @tomii_cycles


Tunitas Carryall

Who: Founded by Jessica Chan

About: Bike bags for your everyday adventure handmade in San Francisco, CA. Tunitas Carryall was born out of a love for cycling, nature, and being a designer and maker.

Social: @tunitas.carryall


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