RAR Chapters List

Find the closest RAR Chapter in your area. Learn more about each group, core members, and stay up to date on their rides by following them on social media.

RAR is supporting six funded Chapters and four non-funded Chapters. Funded Chapters receive stipends and gear support. In addition, all Chapters get the benefits of orientation, toolkit, branding, sponsorship connections, bike safety training, and knowledge sharing with fellow RAR Chapters.


Want to start a RAR Chapter in your area?

Applications are closed at this time, but there are Slack, Discord, and Facebook groups that connect FTWN-B cyclists in regional locations. Check out some of these virtual groups below and contact the admins to be added.

If you would like to start a virtual group, please contact RAR at radicaladventureriders@gmail.com.

We also have RAR leadership and gravel team members all across the country. Take a look at the map to see where RAR folks are located.