RAR Chapters List

Eleven RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities!

RAR is supporting six funded Chapters and five non-funded Chapters. Funded Chapters receive stipends and gear support. In addition, all Chapters get the benefits of orientation, toolkit, branding, sponsorship connections, bike safety training, and knowledge sharing with fellow RAR Chapters.

Find Your Chapter

Find the closest Chapter near your area and give them a follow to stay up to date on their rides and events.
*More info about each Chapter will be coming soon.

Atlanta, Georgia


Bay Area, California


Cleveland, Ohio


Finger Lakes, New York


Madison, Wisconsin


New Haven, Connecticut


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Reno, Nevada


Richmond, Virginia


Salt Lake City, Utah


Santa Fe, New Mexico


Don’t see a RAR Chapter near you?

If you don’t see a Chapter near you, there are other ways to stay connected with folks in your area. We have RAR leadership and gravel team members all across the country. We also have an active Facebook Group for FTWN-B cyclists.

Take a look at the map to see where RAR folks are located.