RAR Asheville

The Asheville chapter of RAR is a dynamic group brought together by diverse passions and a shared mission to revolutionize the local biking landscape and dismantle the barriers of mainstream bike culture.

Rooted in our commitment to mutual aid, inclusivity, community building, joy, and accessibility, we aim to cultivate a safe space for folks with marginalized experiences, centering BIPOC, FTWN-B, financially disadvantaged, and disabled riders.

We understand that a strong community is the backbone of any transformative movement. Through mutual aid initiatives, solidarity, resource sharing, and open dialogues, we’re nurturing a biking community that welcomes riders of all backgrounds and skill levels.



Lauren (she/they) I have been living in the Asheville area for about 13 years and riding bikes here for the last three. My love for bikes has been reignited through riding in our beautiful area as well as organizing to build community and mutual aid efforts. I am a parent to two awesome kids and want to do what I can to build safer, more accessible, and inclusive communities for them, whether that’s on bikes or elsewhere. I’ve also discovered a love for bikepacking that I’m excited to share with my fellow RAR. 



Liam (he/they) Adventuring by bike is one of my favorite activities and getting to do that with other people is ultimately the dreamiest of dreams. I believe that riding bikes is for everybody and that everyone should have an accessible, safe space to ride in and a community to be supported by. I love bikepacking and planning trips and am excited for adventures with the RAR group here in Asheville! 

Matilda Bliss

Matilda (she/they) I am an Appalachia-born queer nonbinary trans woman who has lived in Asheville since 2015. I am a lefty journalist who also watches animals – all the while deeply in love with the embodied practice of riding bikes with friends. I write poetry when I have a minute and hold a women’s studies degree. Riding bikes is inherently revolutionary, and there will be no revolution without bikes. Give me a revolution I can bike to!



JD (they/them) JD finds solace in observing and interacting with plants, insects, and animals. Riding bikes has been a way to enjoy these curiosities, gain confidence (exercise can feel intimidating) and dissolve some anxiety. JD enjoys gravel riding and bikepacking, and hopes to do more group rides involving these activities, but is always down to boop around town at a chill pace with friends. Their hope is to help foster a safe and inclusive space for folks who want to hop on a bike, advocate for FTWN-B, BIPOC folks, and fellow neurodivergent friends, while merging mutual aid and activism work with their bike community.


Kirby (they/them) is a community herbalist and eating disorder care provider in the Asheville, NC area. They love to ride bikes; participate in more accessible healing, disability justice informed spaces, and medicine; and find ways to support their community. 

Jerri T

Jerri (they/them) is a black, queer, from a small southern town. Who is an eternally tired gremlin currently residing on land that was stewarded by the Cherokee peoples in the mountains of western north carolina. Their cycling journey began in their teens with late night bike rides on empty rural back roads

around the foothills. Now residing in the mountains where they’ve replaced their beach cruiser with an old 10speed. They enjoy the sense of whimsy and adventure that biking brings them and hopes to share that whimsy with a broader biking community.

RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! Find a RAR Chapter in your area and learn more about each group.

Latest Chapter News

  • FTWNB Led Cycling Events

    FTWNB Led Cycling Events

    With recent announcements from UCI banning transgender women from competing in the women’s category during races, we wanted to uplift events doing the amazing work to create spaces for the FTWNB community.  Here is a list of femme, trans, women, and non-binary led cycling events to support, follow, and attend.  This is not a comprehensive……

  • New RAR Chapters!

    New RAR Chapters!

    Give a warm welcome to the eleven new RAR Chapters! We had over twenty applications from BIPOC and FTWN-B organizers nationwide and beyond. We mainly sought groups in different regions who had a solid core group to build out their community efforts. THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to apply.   Twenty-one RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and……

  • RAR Raffle for Chapters Fundraiser

    RAR Raffle for Chapters Fundraiser

    Donate to win prizes and help us raise $40k to grow RAR Chapters to 20 locations!  Donate to the RAR Chapters Fundraiser to win sweet prizes from Salsa, Revelate Designs, Velocity Wheels, Teravail, Bags x Bird, and Simworks. A total of five prizes will be given away: To enter, please donate $25 to the RAR……