RAR Albuquerque

Our group was founded on the principle of having a space for FTWNB and BIPOC people to ride bikes. While other rides in town are deemed as either fast or moderate, we benefit from consistently coming together to ride as a group.

We find it crucial that this space is BIPOC-centering as we build a community in a minority-majority city where indigenous and brown people make up the critical center of political action, mutual aid, and community building.


Leila Murrieta

Leila (they/she) is an avid cyclist and advocate for inclusive cycling spaces. They are the founder of our WTF-NB weekly bike ride in Albuquerque. She has made bikes her life, working at a local non-profit called Story Riders as a bilingual bicycle educator to get more BIPOC youth on bikes. She hopes to show everyone the joys of cycling and the community she has found while wandering the streets of Albuquerque. 


Lizz LeJeune

Lizz (she/they) is fervent on bringing people together through bike joy. As a former outdoor educator and motorcycle salesperson, they are intimately familiar with what magic that can be shared when recreating in a setting that is both inviting and just outside of one’s comfort zone. She values meeting folks where they are, no matter what bike they ride or body they live with. Lizz can be seen riding a mini cargo bike to the market, a Celeste 26er through the bosque, or a belt driven single speed around the corner. She can be heard cackling from far and wide.


Eli Kosko

Eli (they/them) is pumped to be joining RAR as the team mechanic for the Albuquerque chapter. Eli is a bike mechanic in a local shop in ABQ, an All Bodies On Bikes board member and founder of Party Pace Pedalers KC. When not biking/thinking/talking about bikes they’re found at the back of the orchestra or behind the band playing drums and percussion. They love spending all day outside on a bike, sharing in that joyful movement with others, and empowering other riders with the knowledge and skills they need for their own bike maintenance journey. You can often spot Eli riding along the Bosque trails or throughout town with their bike and dogs.


Stephany Ambriz

Stephanie (she/they) is excited to be our bikepacking leader, as someone who has spent 10 weeks unsupported traveling the southern tier trail to Memphis.  Stephanie is interested in teaching traditional and guerilla bike packing skills from her perspective as a queer disabled latinx cyclist who has been car free since 2018.



Davi (they/them) is our local bike shop manager, who Specializes (pun intended) in getting more folks in the mountains. They spend just about every spare moment riding their bike in the Sandia mountain range. They are stoked on hosting WTF-NB beginner mountain bike group rides and head a weekly intermediate group ride too. They have been learning to make frame bags and look forward to helping others outfit their bikes!

RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! Find a RAR Chapter in your area and learn more about each group.

Latest Chapter News

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    FTWNB Led Cycling Events

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  • New RAR Chapters!

    New RAR Chapters!

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    RAR Raffle for Chapters Fundraiser

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