RAR Tucson

The RAR Tucson Chapter intends to make a supportive space for FTWN-B and BIPOC riders of all experiences and fitness levels.

We are excited to bring together those already passionate about gravel riding and bikepacking while striving to make a welcoming space for new and curious riders. We want to introduce adventure cycling and biking to as many folks as possible in southern Arizona! 


Marci Caballero-Reynolds

Marci (they/them/sìa) started riding bikes playing tag in flooded streets in the Philippines. Biking meant connection and friendship. When she moved to the United States she was involved in courier life and found her people, bike people. Now Tucson based, her love of biking and community can be seen in themed bike rides and weekly mountain bike rides. She’s a crank maven all the way!


Ally Tarbous

Ally (she/her) first came to Tucson at the end of 2020 as a travel RN.  Starting off here as an ICU nurse in the middle of the pandemic came with some pretty rough challenges. In spite of that, she managed to make some friends, and fell in love with the city, the Sonoran desert and all the amazing cycling opportunities that Southern Arizona has to offer.  She decided to stay permanently.  Since leaving Atlanta and their RAR chapter, it has been her goal to be involved in the organization again, and she jumped at the chance when RAR opened up applications this year.  A long time enthusiast of commuting, bikepacking, and mountain biking, she is so excited and honored to further build this community, and carry out RAR’s mission with an amazing group of people that have been here and loved the city for much longer than her. 


Deidre Bustos

Deidra (she/they/ella) is a queer latine cyclist born and raised in Tucson, Arizona. They knew early in life that they were different and cycling was the tool that ultimately allowed Deidra to discover identity, solidarity and home. The journey started with skinny tires on the roads all over Tucson and of course the iconic Tucson Loop bike path before it was continuously connected, now it looks like dusty seemingly endless trails winding through mountains with much bigger tires. 


Elysia Hansel

Elysia (she/her) started riding bikes as a kid in Minnesota, riding miles on roads and greenways around the Twin Cities. After moving to Tucson in 2008, Hansel learned how to build, repair and maintain bikes at BICAS. Getting involved in bike communities, and being a regular bike commuter has led them to get curious about different types of riding. Overcoming fears and self doubt surrounding gravel riding and bike camping is a wonderful new chapter in her life in Tucson. They have ridden on a few gravel rides and this summer will be her first bike camping experience.  Hansel has been involved in social justice issues around transportation for years, now she’s excited to put more energy into those who lack access to bikes and adventures outside!


Linus Kaye

Linus (she/her) grew up in central Pennsylvania and moved to Tucson in 2020. Bicycles have always been integral to her life with early formative memories peeking out the plastic window of a trailer. Around age 12 Linus began an apprenticeship as a mechanic ~ there her love for bikes became an obsession which lead her to where she currently works at BICAS: Tucson’s bicycle education and recycling center. It is rare to see Linus without a bike nearby; as a life long cyclist and non-driver she wants to share in her love for bikes with other girls and gays/theys!


Lee Urias

Lee Urias (they/it/elle) was born and raised 120 miles north of Tucson in Phoenix, AZ, and rolled into town in the summer of 2019. As someone who has never known how to drive (and never intends to learn!!), biking has always been a form of liberation and empowerment for it. Since moving to Tucson, however, Lee has become connected with a trans queer cyclist community previously unknown to them – and subsequently had more fun on bikes than they had ever known was possible! Now Lee is excited about helping more people access that bike joy, and if that also gets more people out of their cars, hey, it’s not complaining. 


Brittne MacCleary

Brittne (she/they) uncovered a love for bikes in college, cruising the Tucson streets with friends and commuting around town. Riding bikes is one of the ultimate joys in Brittne’s life and she loves the carefree moments she has riding with buds on the streets, trails, or for multiple days. Biking is Brit’s favorite way to travel and experience new places, and she never feels more free than when in the saddle.


Dani R-P

Dani (they/them) is a queer non-binary farmer who fell in love with bikes in 2016 when they moved to Tucson and started volunteering at BICAS. They’ve built a couple bikes and have done two month long bike tours, as well as many overnighters. Dani loves to bring people together, enjoy riding with friends, laugh, see some beautiful things, and keep it mellow. 


Molly Sugar

Molly Sugar (she/her) is the co-founder of Radical Adventure Riders and recently moved to Tucson in December 2022. She continually seeks ways to intersect grassroots organizing with art and design to create a more inclusive cycling community. In 2017, she founded Friends on Bikes, a social cycling group in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA for BIPOC folks who are women, trans, and gender non-conforming. Aside from organizing, Molly moves pixels as a Senior Product Designer at The Dyrt. She is also passionate about routemaking and seeks to create gravel and bikepacking routes accessible for all levels.


RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! Find a RAR Chapter in your area and learn more about each group.

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