RAR Madison

A group of riders and wrenchers from all backgrounds and walks of life, the RAR Madison Squad came together amidst the pandemic out of a need and hope for more radical, anti-racist, pro-trans, pro-femme, fat-positive, and accountable bike space.

Here in Wisconsin, our group is oriented towards the many facets of bike culture, including community building, policymaking, education, and transportation equity. We also just like to ride and have fun at a party-pace (and sometimes we go fast, too). As a new collective, we have begun to offer weekly meetings, community dinners, and rides, offering both sober and cocktail-friendly events. Like the glaciers that came before us, we set out to resculpt this landscape. Together we can break down the norms and institutions that limit us and build up liberating spaces.

Our hope—going forward—is to offer FTWN-B (centered around those who are POC, Indigenous, and Black) a Madison (and Midwest) bike community that is safe, inclusive, and—of course—radical.


Kaylee Faltys

Kaylee (she/her), after spending 7 straight years commuting solely by bike, year-round, in Nebraska and South Dakota, is now an embarrassedly obsessed endurance road cyclist in Wisconsin, always hunting for the next epic climb and next personal limit to push. She enjoys swimming, weight training, and reading when she is not ripping around on her bike. Kaylee hopes that her lifelong love and passion for bikes can inspire fellow humans to reap the indescribable mental and physical benefits that cycling can bring.


Camila Pascual

Camila (she/her) is a scientist by day, cyclist by night. She was born and raised in San Salvador, El Salvador. After moving to Wisconsin to attend university, she found a love of cycling. She is an adrenaline-loving mountain biker, winter trail fat biker, and long-distance road cycler with a love-hate relationship towards hills. As a lesbian POC, she aspires to create an inclusive environment for BIPOC and FWTN-B individuals where they can explore their passion for cycling.


Natalie Khuen 

Natalie (she/her) moved to Madison in 2018. Originally from northern Illinois, she’s lived on both coasts but the midwest was calling her back. Natalie works as an environmental designer for Trek Bicycle, getting more people on bikes by creating welcoming spaces full of inspiring routes. She lives on the near east side with her partner, two cats, and too many houseplants.


G. Gregory 

G’s (they/them) favorite past-time is subverting the cis-hetero-normative, fat-phobic, racist and classist bike industry. That’s right crew, burn it all down!!! Having grown up in Denver, Colorado, G moved to Madison, WI in 2021 where they both wrench on and ride bikes (for transportation and fun). Being a part of RAR means that G is committed to exploring the many areas around the city while learning about their violent and colonial histories. Currently, G works in youth education and scholarship building and is passionate about giving teens the freedom to explore their own means of movement and transportation. RAR has become a wonderful community for them over the past 5 years and they’re excited to be part of a chapter that will hopefully bring a powerful change to the local bike scene.


RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and FTWN-B cyclists in their local communities! Find a RAR Chapter in your area and learn more about each group.

Latest Chapter News

  • New RAR Chapters!

    New RAR Chapters!

    Give a warm welcome to the eleven new RAR Chapters! We had over twenty applications from BIPOC and FTWN-B organizers nationwide and beyond. We mainly sought groups in different regions who had a solid core group to build out their community efforts. THANK YOU to everyone who took the time to apply.   Twenty-one RAR Chapters will advocate, support, and uplift BIPOC and……

  • RAR Raffle for Chapters Fundraiser

    RAR Raffle for Chapters Fundraiser

    Donate to win prizes and help us raise $40k to grow RAR Chapters to 20 locations!  Donate to the RAR Chapters Fundraiser to win sweet prizes from Salsa, Revelate Designs, Velocity Wheels, Teravail, Bags x Bird, and Simworks. A total of five prizes will be given away: To enter, please donate $25 to the RAR……

  • RAR Chapters Applications are now open!

    RAR Chapters Applications are now open!

    Want to start a Radical Adventure Riders Chapter in your area? RAR is expanding the Chapter Program for up to 20 chapters with funding, training, and support to carry out RAR’s mission! Radical Adventure Riders launched the Chapter program in 2021, to support and build a more inclusive cycling and outdoor community for femme, trans……