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The RAR Jobs Board is a job listing to increase hiring for BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the cycling and outdoors industries. 


The job listing is a quick and easy way to browse opportunities across the industry for those seeking a job. Whether you are taking your first step or making your next move, from large companies to small bike shops, full-time to part-time, our team reviews each role to make sure it’s relevant for the RAR community.


For employers, we have a passionate and growing BIPOC and FTWN-B community with the skills and experience that you’re looking for. Your post will reach BIPOC and FTWN-B folks in the RAR community, and your contribution will help fund our programs.


For talent and ambassadors, the jobs board can also be used to find and broadcast these opportunities. Whether you are seeking new talent for your next marketing campaign or hoping to create new ambassador relationships, the RAR listing will help to amplify your role.

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Current Jobs

View these current opportunities for your next role. Please mention RAR Jobs Board if you apply to a position.

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Administrative Assistant

Author By People for Bikes
Date August 5, 2021
PeopleForBikes is hiring an entry-level administrative assistant who will report to the chief of staff (COS). While PeopleForBikes transitioned to mostly remote work in the last year, this role will be required to be in our Boulder office about two days per week most weeks, and more for certain event weeks. The ideal candidate is extremely organized with an eye for detail and helping set up the organization and individual employees for success. The ideal candidate also demonstrates a strong desire to support the success of others and take initiative to help people, teams and the office be more productive and efficient. This role will juggle running day-to-day operations and multiple organizational, office and team administrative tasks. For more information, visit our website: https://www.peopleforbikes.org/careers/administrative-assistant–peopleforbikes-coalition
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Digital Marketing Manager

Author By People For Bikes
Date August 5, 2021
PeopleForBikes is hiring a digital marketer who will manage the organization’s online presence, implement strategy, produce content and resonate a passion about the power of the bike. This individual will work closely with the marketing team’s leaders to deliver on the organization’s strategic initiatives and bring our mission to life. For more more information, visit our careers page: https://www.peopleforbikes.org/careers/digital-marketing-manager–peopleforbikes
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Board of Directors Member

Author By Bike & Build
Date August 5, 2021
The Bike & Build Board of Directors is responsible for the oversight, direction and resources of the organization. Directors ensure that Bike & Build remains committed to our mission, sets policies and procedures for the organization, and provides insight and oversight to financial matters. Bike & Build is looking for board members who are excited about Bike & Build’s mission, and energized about the future growth of the organization. Bike & Build is based in Philadelphia, yet our riders pass through so much of the country, and our alumni network and community reaches across the globe. At this time, we are looking for individuals with the following background and experience, but would love to hear from you even if your skills don’t fall within this list: ● Finances / Budget ● Nonprofit Operations ● Fundraising ● Data Collection ● CRM / Salesforce ● Young Adult Development ● Affordable Housing ● Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Initiatives ● Strategic Planning
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State & Local Policy Analyst

Author By PeopleForBikes
Date July 19, 2021
PeopleForBikes is hiring a state + local policy analyst for our Business Network team. This employee will advocate for policies to improve and protect bicycle infrastructure and increase bicycling participation at the state and local levels. This person will help formulate bicycle industry-related policy and regulations that proactively position the bike industry and get ahead of potential threats. This employee will help implement organizational policy initiatives, track legislative activity in all 50 states, analyze laws and regulations, report to stakeholders and advocate for positions supported by the bike industry. The subject matter may include policy work related to transportation, infrastructure, traffic laws, trade, tax, natural resources, environmental issues, public lands and consumer product regulation. This position will report to the deputy director of state + local policy and assist in all administrative functions of the Business Network including scheduling meetings, writing notes and setting project reminders. For more information, please visit our website.
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eMTB Policy & Program Manager

Author By PeopleForBikes
Date July 19, 2021
PeopleForBikes is hiring an eMTB (electric mountain bike) policy + program manager. The selected candidate will focus on the trail and off-road side of electric bike riding and help develop and manage the execution and evaluation of PFB’s eMTB programming to foster the growth of eMTB riding, bike infrastructure and the bicycle industry. The position works closely with PeopleForBikes Coalition members to advance bicycling, funding, access and stem threats to bicycling and bicycling access. This position reports directly to the electric bicycle policy + campaign director. For more information, please visit our website.
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Chief People & Culture Officer

Date June 23, 2021
Oversee an employee experience that develops and retains the best talent for our organization and creates an open, reflective, and inclusive culture.
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Safety Co-Coordinator

Author By Cycles of Change
Date June 17, 2021
About Cycles of Change’s Bike Safety Program: The Safety / Drive Your Bike program trains students in cycling basics and street safety best practices. Partnering with PE teachers in public schools across Alameda County, we run the 3-day DYB curriculum for middle and high school students, and single-day “bike rodeo” events for elementary level students. The goal of this program, in conjunction with other programs, is to increase access to bikes, increase bike ridership, and encourage mode shift. Applications due by June 28th, 2021.
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