RAR Chapter Info

RAR seeks to expand our programming by building and supporting Chapters that will locally carry out our mission.

RAR will work with local Chapters to create hyper-local networks and programs to support femme, trans, women, and non-binary folks (FTWN-B) while centering those who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) in cycling and the outdoors.

Six Chapters will receive funding, training, and support to carry out RAR’s mission. Five Chapters will be non-funded but will also receive training and support.

*Chapter applications are closed until 2022

Chapter Criteria

If you are wondering if your city/town is ripe for a successful RAR Chapter, consider the following:

Chapter Lead

You or someone you know is interested in becoming a Chapter Lead Superstar.

Core Group

Has connections with other interested people to carry out the Chapter’s work as a Core Group of volunteers.

Chapter Mission

Have a deep connection, understanding, and politic about needing spaces only for FTWN-B folks (centering those that are Black, Indigenous, and POC).

Ally Supporters

The city has ally organizations as potential supporters that align with RAR’s mission (bike co-op, Cycling Industry Pledge supporter, advocacy group, etc.).

Annual Commitment

You are interested and can manage the Chapter for at least a year. Providing general updates bi-monthly and an annual review with RAR leadership.

BIPOC Representation

You and your potential core group have authentic and genuine BIPOC representation, or the Chapter commits to pouring into a BIPOC biking crew, which you outline in your Chapter plan.

Chapter Goals

  • Increasing the number of FTWN-B folks (centering those that are Black, Indigenous, and POC) that safely use biking as a positive tool for anything.
  • Supporting FTWN-B that are new cyclists into their bike world of choice, whether they use their bike for commuting, fitness, getting out with their friends and family, etc. 
  • Centering and uplifting a diverse and accountable space for FTWN-B folks.
  • Staying local and creating a sustainable model for community cycling.
  • Ensuring leadership is properly trained to ensure the safety of the ridership.
  • Ensuring bike safety and knowledge is made available to the ridership.
  • Connecting and educating interested folks in their communities with the language of bikes.

Chapter Commitments

  • Complete the Chapter application. 
  • Create an annual Chapter plan that outlines what you will offer to members and the city. 
  • Host hyper-local Covid safe events or rides (outlined in the annual plan) to increase the chapter’s representation of FTWN-B and BIPOC folks. 
  • Commitment to bi-monthly check-ins and an annual review of the Chapter’s work with RAR leadership.
  • Provide at least two blog posts a year that RAR can repost and reshare on our social
  • Provide IG content that RAR can reshare. Frequency to be determined. Tag sponsors in IG content/IG page.
  • Fundraising for additional services that the Chapter would like to provide to its members.
  • Provide an end-of-year snapshot that outlines the Chapter’s success, challenges, learnings, hopes, and next steps.

RAR’s Commitments

RAR will support six funded Chapters with the following:

Leadership Stipend

$1k stipend for the Chapter leadership.

Start-up Funds

$1k start-up funds to run the Chapter.

Start-up Gear Library

At least 3-5 sets of gear for bikepacking, basic tool maintenance, etc.

Chapter Toolkit

Printed and online toolkit with event planning and ride best practices, social media management tips, and more.

Training Orientation

Chapter meet and greet, leadership development, and organizational culture development from RAR and consultants.

Sponsor Connections

RAR will share sponsors and Cycling Industry members with Chapters to support their work and to help bridge the gap between industry and Chapters.

Chapter Branding

Chapters will get a landing page on the RAR website, a Chapter logo, and branding assets.

Bike Safety Training

Chapter leadership will receive bike and traffic safety training during orientation.

*RAR will offer support for up to five non-funded Chapters. RAR’s commitments to non-funded Chapters will include everything listed above with the exception of stipend and gear support.

Apply to be a RAR Chapter

We are excited to expand our programming and support RAR Chapters throughout the U.S.! Become a RAR Chapter by filling out the application by Monday, May 10th.

*Chapter applications are closed until 2022

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Thank you to the generous supporters for making RAR Chapters possible.