Who can sign the Cycling Industry Pledge?

Companies, bike shops, events, and non-profits in the cycling industry are eligible to sign CIP. A signature must be from or be approved by the founder/CEO of the organization. At this time, we are not accepting signatures from cycling teams, independent consultants/contractors, and businesses with less than two employees.

How do individuals report CIP violations?

The CIP Issue Report allows individuals to contact WTF BX about signees who violate their commitments to the Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP).

How are companies held accountable for their commitments to CIP?

Signees are expected to meet internally to create an action plan for CIP. At the end of the year, it is required for signees to fill out a survey on what actions they have taken, their action plans for the future, and what improvements can be made for the CIP Network. WTF BX will review each report and evaluate signees on their progress.

If there are CIP violations, WTF BX holds one on one evaluations with signees through reported issues. If a signee violates CIP more than three times then they will be removed from the CIP Network.

So that the CIP Network is engaged throughout the year, signees will receive once a month emails from WTF BX about CIP updates, resources, and network actions.

What happens during a one on one CIP evaluation?

During a one on one evaluation, WTF BX and the signee will review the issue(s) reported and discuss an action plan to address the issue(s). WTF BX will evaluate the companies commitment to CIP based on their actions. Action plans must include concrete dates and clear actions that address the complaint. If a company does not create an action plan or has violated CIP more than three times, then WTF BX will remove the signee from the CIP Network.

What inspired CIP?

The Outdoor CEO Pledge created by Teresa Baker inspired Molly Sugar, co-founder of WTF Bikexplorers, to create a pledge specifically for the cycling industry. Molly saw that at the time there were no cycling companies a part of The Outdoors CEO Pledge and wondered if there needed to be something that was more specific to the cycling industry to spur action for more inclusion and diversity within its community. As a result, CIP launched on January 21, 2020, and is continually evolving as the CIP Network grows.