Keyonda is a yoga instructor and the Portland chapter leader for Black Girls Do Bikes.


Everett Ó Cillín (they/them) is a curator, organizer, and adventure cyclist based in Santa Cruz, CA. They are a regional advisor for Bikepacking Roots and worked for several years as a Tours Specialist and Tour Leader for the Adventure Cycling Association. Overwhelmed by the toxicity of the tourism industry Everett left the full time bike… Continue reading EVERETT O CILLIN


Sarah Swallow (she/her) is a professional adventure cyclist, event organizer, writer and route developer. She uses her experiences exploring by bike to inspire and encourage others to use the bicycle as a tool to learn more about themselves and the world around them. After spending 10-years working in bike shops and 5-years owning her own… Continue reading SARAH JEAN SWALLOW


Molly Sugar (she/her) is continually searching for ways to intersect grassroots organizing with art and design to create a more inclusive cycling community. She is a Kona ambassador and the founder of Friends on Bikes, a group for women of color, trans and gender non-conforming BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) who love cycling. Aside… Continue reading MOLLY SUGAR


Mary Lytle (she/her) is a queer visual artist, budtender, and adventure rider located in Portland, OR. Her freelance portfolio consists of many illustrations for cycling events, organizations, & individuals. As an illustrator, Mary holds the importance of representing the WTF community in her characters. When she is not drawing bike riders, cats, or cannabis— Mary… Continue reading MARY LYTLE


Jocelyn Gaudi Quarrell (she/her) is an entrepreneur, activist and cyclist based in Portland, OR. Jocelyn loves off-road riding in every form and is an active advocate for sustainable trail access, currently serving as the president of the Oregon Timber Trail Alliance, the governing body for North America’s premiere long-distance mountain bike route. She founded the… Continue reading JOCELYN GAUDI QUARRELL


Sofia is now a semi-retired bicycle industry outlier living in San Francisco, although she spent several years as a bike mechanic at shops on both coasts — and probably the equivalent of several years on the internet and IRL gathering deeply esoteric bicycle knowledge and opinions. She enjoys riding metal bicycles on dirt roads and… Continue reading SOFIA TORRES


Monique (@revolta_art) has been residing, riding and wrenching in Tucson, AZ for nearly a decade. Throughout this period, she’s organized WTF rides and events despite constant criticism about exclusion of non-WTF folks. Monique spent 7 years collectively running a weekly all-WTF bike repair workshop at BICAS (@bicastucson, a bicycle education center/nonprofit), for folks to gain… Continue reading MONIQUE LARAWAY


Martina Brimmer is co-founder of Swift Industries, and loves to enable bike-camping through her brand.