Teo is a non-binary Filipinx cyclist born and raised in Southern California, currently living on occupied Ohlone land in so-called Oakland. They use the bike as a way to connect with nature and are always in search of hot water.


Jesi’s background in human behavior, health care, social services, and transportation have brought her to work at People for Mobility Justice, an LA-based organization that prioritizes mobility justice advocacy and education for QTBIPOC. She is pursuing a Masters degree in Urban Planning from USC and coordinates rides and classes to encourage underserved communities around LA… Continue reading JESI HARRIS


Alex Villalba is a queer tejanx educator based in Mexico City. Using sweat, grit, and rage they are constantly looking for ways to hustle respectability politics out of the cycling community. In their free time, you can find them moshing around the city with their bald gay dog. xo


May Tsupros is an educator, scientist, and herbalist. She has been teaching and growing food with urban youth in Chicago for 10+ years where she founded and runs a non-profit supporting the creation and programming of school food gardens. On the side, she grows and crafts magical medicines, teas, and tinctures and teaches others to… Continue reading MAY TSUPROS


Río was born x raised in Echo Park with Central American roots. Río is currently People for Mobility Justice’s Building Power Director. Since 2002 Río has worked across all of California and the nation on issues of mobility justice, transportation equity, food justice, healing justice, land liberation, resisting displacement and much more. Río has a… Continue reading RIO OXAS


Nicole believes that bikes & community have the power to heal. She is an occupational therapist, coach, and resilient soul. She organizes an annual WTF bike camping event (@v3pdx) and loves the energy of biking en masse. Last year, she completed the Oregon Outback bikepacking route with her partner and super cute puppy.


Sarah started bikepacking 2 years ago, at about the same time her food obsession started to take over her life. Always an avid home chef, she re-rediscovered her love of Lebanese food, through which she found a new appreciation of her roots and culture. The inevitable happened and she started scheming ways on how to… Continue reading SARAH KASSEM


Kai Conradi is a queer/trans writer and artist from Vancouver Island, BC.


J has been working in the cycling industry – primarily in bike shops – for the past 13 years. She lives in Portland, OR & spends all of her free time riding bikes. She is on a local cycling team and helps put on cycling events and rides in Portland, mostly within the WTFNB community.


Mary Ann Thomas is the brown queer daughter of Indian immigrants who bicycled over 10,000 miles in the last five years. Her work can be found on Autostraddle, Panorama: The Journal of Intelligent Travel, and She Explores.