Pepper Cook has been organizing and inspiring bike adventures for her communities for the past bunch of years, and singlehandedly got over a hundred bike-campers out for a night under the stars for a local bike shop in Australia.


Black queer community organizer committed to the liberation of all Black people. Through cycling, I am working to transform the physical and mental health, economy, and local environment of our communities as a way to build a society where we can all thrive. I am the founder of the BLK Bike Panel & Summit, a… Continue reading D’FRANTZ SMART


Kimberly is a Peruvian-American physical therapist and routemaker based in New York City. She’s been riding bikes for transportation and to bring daily joy to her life since high school, and recently discovered the magic of exploring the backcountry by bike. Together with Danielle Parnes, Kimberly started a group called WTF Mid-Atlantic, which organizes free… Continue reading KIMBERLY WIMAN


It’s not that Cait Rodriguez hates walking, per se, she just really prefers biking. Cait can be found on her bike assaulting the streets and trails of Anchorage, Alaska. She moved there in 2011 and immediately started volunteering at the local bike co-op, Off the Chain. Since then she has volunteered as a shop manager… Continue reading CAIT RODRIGUEZ


Tez is a bike safety educator and teaches bike club mechanics to youth in east Oakland. They’ve co-lead bike tours for qtibipoc focusing on the power of healing and staying vulnerable when the going gets tough. Big dream is to ride the Baja divide w other down qtibipoc where we can practice reciprocity with folks… Continue reading TEZ DE LA TIERRA


Ami Puri (they/them/their). I am a goatherd, gleaner and gravel rider living in Pomo and Coast Yuki territories currently called the Mendocino coast. Bikes have shaped my world since I was small: wrenching, teaching, falling, failing, creating. I love that bikes invite us to connect issues of justice and joy.


Loke is a youth coach and mentor who currently teaches bicycle education in Oakland. She loves taking the lane, riding with large groups of people, and foraging for snacks.


Dartanian fierce Kaufman is a queer poet of color who teaches bike safety in Oakland, meditates and loves bringing youth on adventure bike rides while wielding a pen and a wrench.