Rio is an avid Church of Dirt goer. Also hailing from New Jersey, she’s a second-gen queer Chinese/Brazilian. She’s always ridden bikes. Brother’s BMX, free police auction bikes, NYC fixies, pretend bike polo bikes, long distance San Fran road bikes, CX racing, and has currently fallen hard and pretty exclusively for MTBs. She’s only done… Continue reading SERENA RIO


SJ was born in Kansas and has fond memories of crushing down the Shunga Trail as a kid. While living in Montreal, SJ started riding bikes as a means of transportation. Their first overnight bike camping trip was to Harold Parker State Forest from Boston. Now in Seattle, SJ has retired from working as a… Continue reading SJ BROOKS


Mary Ann Thomas is a queer brown daughter of Indian immigrants. She’s Jersey born-and-raised and started biking as a way to escape the suburbs; she continues to access the self-reflection and meditative qualities that biking brings. Her long bike tours have taken her across North America, from San Diego to Montreal, and India, from the… Continue reading MARY ANN THOMAS