Kaitlyn is the Conservation Coordinator and co-founder of the nonprofit, Bikepacking Roots where she strives to connect bikepackers to the landscape through which they travel. With a career as an outdoor educator and a passion for inspiring people through backcountry travel, she co-developed and 3x taught the first college-level bikepacking course, Geology through Bikepacking at… Continue reading KAITLYN BOYLE


Monica grew up in the rough and tumble state of South Dakota taking her bike to far off convenience stores on the hunt for the most exotic candy. She still takes her bike on far off adventures to in the middle of nowhere stores searching for candy but now it’s along as many fire or… Continue reading MONICA GALLAGHER


Nam (she/her) is a first generation Tibetan-American. She came into bicycling as form of Environmental activism and stayed in it for her mental/spiritual well being. She likes Pop Culture and watches an embarrassing amount of television shows.


Christine Hill has merged bicycle advocacy, art, access, and adventure in Burlington, Vermont since 2010. She works in various media including jewelry, photography, writing, drawing, and comics, and mashes them together in ways that sometimes work and more often don’t.


Becky Newman has been handcrafting bike gear under the name Makeshifter Canvas Works since 2015. She believes riding a bike empowers and heals bodies, minds, and communities, and strives to get more people riding more often.


Tori Bortman is a bike mechanic, teacher, freelance writer and lover of dirt and adventure (preferably both). She has 17 years experience teaching bicycle mechanics and riding skills and is the author of Bicycling Magazine’s Big Book of Cycling for Beginners.


Tessa Hulls is a visual artist/writer/adventurer who fuses bike exploration and creative practice in unorthodox ways.


Lane Willson is the cofounder and head of production at Oveja Negra in beautiful Salida, CO. As a production seamstress for an outdoor clothing company, it made sense to make her own bike bags…then her friend’s… the local bike shop’s and now Beyond. Lane’s favorite riding partners are her three children and her husband Monty… Continue reading LANE WILLSON


Tanesha Hartnagle grew up in Boulder, Colorado and has always loved cooking, riding bikes, and traveling. Over the years, Tanesha found that eating well while living a nomadic lifestyle was challenging. Her quest to make healthy, fresh and whole meals required creativity, but she figured out how to cook quality foods in different environments, even… Continue reading TANESHA HARTNAGLE