Monique (@revolta_art) has been residing, riding and wrenching in Tucson, AZ for nearly a decade. Throughout this period, she’s organized WTF rides and events despite constant criticism about exclusion of non-WTF folks. Monique spent 7 years collectively running a weekly all-WTF bike repair workshop at BICAS (@bicastucson, a bicycle education center/nonprofit), for folks to gain confidence and access the tools, bikes and knowledge necessary to maintain their 2 wheeled steed. After taking a Service Manager position at Transit Cycles (@transitcycles) in Jan 2017, she’s continued to connect WTFNBs via hosting rides and bike campouts. For Monique, organizing with these communities in mind has been a natural progression to breakaway from the toxic masculinity that permeates most established bike communities and co-create safe(r) spaces that support each other on and off the bike.