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Ride House Ranger

Author By Kitsbow
Date July 19, 2021
This is an opportunity to help visitors enjoy Old Fort, Curtis Creek, Kitsuma, and the rest that the Pisgah National Forest has to offer. Your primary responsibility is to welcome riders, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds to our new Old Fort Ride House. Our objective is to ensure that they have all the information they need to have a fabulous time. If they want to try on some of our amazing apparel, that would be great too. You’ll help them find which of our products works best for them, and tell them a little about how (and why) we make clothes. And help them place an order at the order kiosk. What do you bring? You love to serve customers and help them find what they need in our store. You love to provide information about riding and hiking in Old Fort. We can teach you about apparel, so you should bring an inherent desire to learn and grow. Kitsbow is one of the few apparel manufacturers in the U.S. utilizing lean manufacturing (aka Toyota Way methodology) where we can and should make adjustments and improvements to the gear we make. And we make it here in Old Fort, NC. Location: We’re located in Old Fort, NC — and we ride gravel and single track from the office. We practice “Wear Test Wednesdays” when we ride our bikes and test the products that we make… regardless of your skill level, everyone is welcome.
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Pattern Maker

Author By Kitsbow
Date July 19, 2021
This is an opportunity to help amazing and talented people create the highest quality garments in the outdoor recreation industry. You will create, improve, and modify our library of patterns. You will have deep experience with pattern making for exceptional fit, contributing and collaborating during fit sessions, and reviewing our grading for sizes. Kitsbow is one of the few brands not only making nearly all of its apparel in the U.S., but designing it here as well. We utilize an integrated team of designers, sourcing expertise, pattern making and construction details right here in North Carolina. We are one of the few U.S. manufacturers making premium clothes utilizing the Toyota Way, where a team makes one perfect garment at a time before making another. This is not sit-down assembly line work, and we are constantly changing what we make… and how we make it. Intrigued? You would be part of a young and smart team that designs the clothes in the same building, creates the clothes and ships them every day worldwide, and is collaborative and mutually-supportive. This isn’t a traditional apparel company. We’re changing the way clothes are made in the U.S., we’re striving for minimal waste, and we savor the team environment. We also pay 100% of your monthly health insurance premium, among other employee benefits.
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